Swedish jewellery designer, coming from Stockholm to Paris, making costume jewellery with the heart of a fashion designer. Educated at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm. Defending beauty for it's own sake and obsessed by l'air de temps, constantly flirting with the dreams of a science-fiction-future. Is this the result of her childhood by the side of her father, constantly keeping his drawing-sheet in his hands at home to design aeroplanes for Swedish SAAB in the 50'-60's ?
Her latest collection expresses the strong belief of a glorious future of the 80's : post-modern architecture like arcades and pyramids, Star Wars, the vain idea of The Absolute Truth deepened by the decadence of a golden Hollywood in the 30's. Gold, shiny and the latest matt metal as in a machine-cold, palladium-grey with black stones and very glittering crystals like an imagined princess in a space-ship. Recently she added a theme of clear or smokey locally produced high quality mirrors. Key-words : Post-Post-Modern, Spaceship Princess, The Truth, Alien and Speed. Gold-plated, Palladium-plated, Old Oxidized.
The tiny, thin, slinky golden chains are still in the collection like a timeless feminine beauty standard.
She has made special editions for Alvarno Couture, Madrid, Caroline Seikaly NY in March 2010, Paco Rabanne, Agnés B., Tom van Lingen or Japanese Beams and United Arrows.
Her jewellery has been seen on Swedish singer Robyn, singer Uffie, French teve-fashion-editor Daphne Bürki at Canal +, Madonna in her clip "Beautiful Stranger", French singer Jennifer Ayache in rock-group Superbus, Beth Ditto from Gossip, Swedish rocker The Ark and in many French movies.

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