mardi 17 mai 2011

some photos from my workingtable; My ultra-quick drawings and some material for the nextcoming collection ! Delivery from June.

what's happening today ?

Calme working day for me, Viveka. The whole city of Paris seems relax today and so do we. My new salesgirl Gaby just had to leave for Venezuela for familyreasons. Checking up what the solder guy is doing with the last pieces before giving him more job.....then, preparing a shopping for my favorite-stylist Jenny Fredriksson at ELLE Sweden. She's always following what I do and she does absolutely stunning photos.
Then I also get back other press-samples from Vogue and Glamour Italy. Sounds so glamorous, yes ! But it's also work to be done.
Thinking every day about fashion business and the shrinking market for small designers. Strange year, 2011.

Here is an old photo stylist Jenny Fredriksson did for ELLE Sweden back in 2009. I just loooove this.